My name is Konrad Wojcik and I am the founder of Moor Visualizations and Architecture. As my main occupation, I work as the MAA Architect for one of the leading architectural studios in Denmark. As much as I am devoted to the life of an Architect, I was always passionate about the art of visualization and exploring new ways of illustrating creative ideas. This is why MOOR was created. All of my spare moments I spend here, exploring and learning new skills through the work with clients from all over the globe.

In Moor visualizations, we are aware that each building is a new story, different ideas and intentions that need to be expressed in a single or series of images. This challenging task is always approached with our philosophy of finding something we call "ordinary perfection". We believe that

good design does not call for attention. In the same way good visualization expresses emotions through simplicity and humbleness. There is no need for fake crowds, light effects and other tricks to misjudge one's perception.

We always enjoy working with people that share our approach and dedication to the creative work. 



email: konrad@moor.dk
phone: (+45) 53 34 62 55